Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 Specs, Design, Price, and Release Date


Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 Specs, Design, Price, and Release Date - The Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 can be one of the ideas of the cars which may be suitable since it is also the anticipated car among people. There are many people who are waiting for this car and they want to know what is new for the car. Sure, BMW always has lots of people who are waiting for their new cars. That is including for the BMW 1 series which becomes really interesting to be known. That is especially if you are always in love with the cars from BMW. That is one of the popular car brands which can also be said as one of the luxury car manufacturers which can be noted. There are so many people who are interested in having a new BMW car. Now, we can see the new BMW 1 series which is from the 2018 series.

Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 Specs, Design, Price, and Release Date

Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 Specs, Design, Price, and Release Date

Sure, there will be some new things we can find there in the car. It is including about the design of the cars which may also be completely attractive and a bit different. If you are always waiting for the new BMW cars, getting to know much about the new BMW 1 series is a good thing. Here is some information which may be helpful for you to get an overview.

Nuova BMW Serie 1 Specs

One of the important thing to know about the Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 is related to the specs of the car. The drive train for this car will be the front wheel drive with the platform which is mini. It is aimed at giving some better efficiency. Then, for the engine, it may have the 4 cylinder 2 L turbocharged engine.  That will be with the powerful great performance which is offered by the better specs including from the engine and anything related to its performance.

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Nuova BMW Serie 1 Design

Besides the specs which are going to be well improved for getting the better performance, the design of the car is also properly improved and modified. The Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018 will also come with the new design, both the interior and exterior of the car. Even though it would not be totally different, there will be some improvements applied. This car is still in the hatchback body with its sport style and more modern touch which are applied. It also has the different style of the headlights and also other details. Sure, it looks much more luxurious and modern. However, this new car will be much roomier and a bit wider. For the interior, it still applied the dashboard which is a bit old fashioned. The combination of the wood look and also aluminium look make it totally elegant yet luxurious.

Release Date and Price of 2018 Nuova BMW Serie 1

The next thing we need to know is of course about the release date. Even though there is no official info yet related to the release date and price, approximately it will be about early 2018. Then, for the price, it may be around $ 20,000. That is what we can notice about the Nuova BMW Serie 1 2018.

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