Audi A3 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date, and Price


Audi A3 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date, and Price - The Nuova Audi A3 2018 may be one of the most anticipated cars in the year of 2018. Of course, for you who are looking for a new car in the year and you are always attracted and interested in Audi cars, then the A3 may be one of the ideas which you need to notice. Of course, the Audi A3 is getting redesigned with some new things compared to its previous series. That can be seen especially on its design which may look sporty.

Nuova Audi A3 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date, and Price

Nuova Audi A3 2018 Specs, Design, Release Date, and Price

That will be in the style of all-road crossover with the sporty look which we can easily see from its exterior and even the interior will also be a bit better and a bit different. Sure, it will offer some new things for the 2018 Audi A3 which may be suitable to your need or your interest. That will be such a good thing for you to notice and know much more about this Audi car which will be released soon. Sure, it is better to know a bit more about 2018 Audi A3 which can give you some overview about this car as what we are going to share below.

Audi A3 Specs

Hunting a right car is not something easy but we need to be totally careful yet selective by finding some references. One of the important things to know is related to the specs of the car. The specs of Nuova Audi A3 2018 are completely that good even though it is not that different from the 2017. That is including for the engine which uses an inline 4 cylinder 2 L turbocharged engine which is the intercooled turbo unleaded. The drive train of this car is still the front wheel drive type. This also offers such the proper safety for dealing with its safety and of course the security.

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Audi A3 Design

Another thing which is also interesting to be known related to the Nuova Audi A3 2018 is about the design, both the exterior and interior. Sure, this car is much roomier than the previous ones and even, it is a bit similar to the car of Hyundai Veloster. The design of the car will be totally really sporty, from sedan to be the sporty crossover may be the good transformation for the Audi A3 which we can find. The interior of the car is also really elegant with a bit futuristic look with the leather upholstery which makes the look of the car interior is completely elegant yet luxurious.

Audi A3 Release Date and Price

That is great to know much about the 2018 Audi A3 which is completely stunning not only for its specs but also for its design, both the exterior and interior which is a bit different from the previous series. Then, how much you need to spend for having this car? There is no official info yet but it is around $ 35,000 to about 52,000. The Nuova Audi A3 2018 will also be released around the end of this year or even in the early 2018, so that we need to wait it in order to get the exact detail about this car.

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