Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Release Dates and Price

Again, Mercedes Bens is making a renewing project to one of its model. This one updating project is for the Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter model. From various information that we got, the current design will redesigned. Even though this large van already had an update on 3 years before (2014) this time this company makes sure that a complete overhaul will amaze every consumer’s eye.

Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Sprinters that are going to sold in the area of United States will take the sources from a new stand around Charleston in South Carolina. It is doing so because there is a new built project regarding the current Sprinter stand in South Carolina. There already found some proves that it is too small to meet the demand for the vans.

Be ready at the end of this year because based from many sources, the redesigned Sprinter will likely to show its brand new design at least until the early period of 2018. It is also strengthen by the rumors that this new redesigned Sprinter is starting the project to prepare its debut. So prepare your eyes, your mind and your money as well because the new look of this model will be such an attraction that is hard to reject.

Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Specs

The new look brought by the brand new Sprinter is somehow quite similar with the design of smaller Metris van. There has ever been a preview of this design on the year of 2016 by using the concept of Vision Van. This kind of concept is using the power of electric motor that is actively delivering the strength of 100 horsepower. It is such a great possibility that the brand new Sprinter will be using this concept design.

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What is the other new side from this redesigned Sprinter? This model will have an exhibition showing its variety on its wheelbases. Not only stopped on that matter, it also comes with new roof heights that should be available to see. Nothing like the current model, the brand new redesigned Sprinter will not have any relation to the following generation of Volkswagen Crafter.

Nouveau Mercedes Sprinter 2018 Design

A test has spotted regarding the new redesigned Sprinter. It features the new body from the current generation. On the other hand, it showed a different look for the front section as well as the interior. It is believed that the rest change will follow as this project is still under the developing progress.

The new generation of Sprinter is strongly shows the tendency to have a slimmer feature. It also will use some smaller headlights compared to the current condition. You will find a large amount of sheeting as the cover up for the dashboard inside the cabin. Somehow, there is a likeness of Sprinter to show itself in a more car look on the dashboard. Added with some new versions, it will possibly  available to come with more up to date infotainment as well as a new cover for its navigation units.

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