New Mercedes GLE 2018: The Interior, Release Date and Price


New Mercedes GLE 2018: The Interior, Release Date and Price – For those who are waiting for the new Mercedes GLE 2018 and having high curiosity about its price, release date, specs and design, this article will answer all of your questions. The new Mercedes GLE 2018 has fantastic revised styling and brought into all-new model.

New Mercedes GLE 2018: The Interior, Release Date and Price

New Mercedes GLE 2018: The Interior, Release Date and Price

Many people fall in love too with its detailed interior compared to its rival before it will go on sale. The previous cars that mostly compared to the new Mercedes GLE are Audi Q7 and BMW X5.

The outside interior

Talking about the specification of the old Mercedes GLE, the bulky bump is already replaced by a simpler and don’t seem bulbous bump again. Move to the headlights, they also have been replaced with more tweaked and smaller. They look less rounded as well compare to headlights that fitted to an outgoing car. In the new model, the flat roofline will be replaced with a more elegant and curvaceous design. And the windscreen will be more steeply raked. The new Mercedes GLE will also feature the smaller GLC and simple creases on its doors and wings as well.

The inside interior

Now, let’s move to the inside interior of the new Mercedes GLE. It looks similar to the E-Class saloon instead of outgoing GLE SUV. The dashboard of this new car is dominated by the display of two vast digital. In the old model car, the items on the above dashboard is more upright and larger but in this new model, there are a set of four slim air intakes which is mounted on the above the center console. The screen of the new Mercedes GLE will be expected as same as the E-Class saloon with 12.3 inch.

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In the center console, you can see a pair of big grab handles that mounted in it. The function is to differentiate this new car model from the E-Class model. Maybe you have ever seen some pictures of the new Mercedes GLE with the molding bare plastic that is not hard to notice. But we are pretty sure as soon as it releases, it will be trimmed in soft-touch leather or plastic.

The air suspension system is reportedly will be pretty similar with the older version. But the slightly difference is that this new Mercedes GLE will be underpinned by the newest MHA platform.

It seems that either inside or outside interior will please the new Mercedes GLE fans. Even though there are some similarities with the previous models, it will still bring a new look with more advanced and comfortable items that can indulge both driver and passengers.

The price and release date

If you wish to have the new Mercedes GLE 2018, you have to prepare at least £50,000. It seems wort it with the detailed interior and elegant look that makes you more confident driving it anywhere you go. The finishing new Mercedes GLE car will be expected to have its public debut in September. You can see it at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is expected to be sold on public in late 2018 or maybe in early 2019.

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