New Mercedes CLS 2018: The Style, Engine, Price and Release Date


New Mercedes CLS 2018: The Style, Engine, Price and Release Date - Mercedes is indeed one of the famous car brands that have a place in almost everyone’s heart. Many people are dying to collect certain Mercedes cars to complete their collections at home. It’s not just because the superb and luxurious interior but also the best engine that makes many people fall for it. Today, we will give you information about one of the Mercedes versions that will be released next year.

New Mercedes CLS 2018: The Style, Engine, Price and Release Date

New Mercedes CLS 2018: The Style, Engine, Price and Release Date

The new Mercedes CLS 2018 has some replacement that soon will be called as the CLE. This new version has been testing successfully. It has sleek and beautiful four-door. It is such a perfect combination of BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe and Audi A7.

The style of the new Mercedes CLS

We can see clearly that the new Mercedes CLS sports have a comparable coupe-like style under the test mule’s camouflage of thin layer. You can find a small lower grille and a big front grille complete with the center emblem of Mercedes flanked by light’s fog. Those things should be combined by a sporty and masculine set of big alloy wheels and twin exhaust tips.

A roof line in sweeping style, small windows and high door sills can emphasize the CLS’s low-slung and length proportions. The other style of the new Mercedes CLS prototype is the LED headlights with a small indicator that is built in square shape. Meanwhile, another style features a different design which is L-shaped design. This kind of design will be expected to aim as running light during daytime that comes brightly as well.

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The interior of the new Mercedes CLS

The new Mercedes CLS prototype features a quite big display comes in 12.3 inch. It can indulge you more with Mercedes’ command system of infotainment. It is completed with the set of conventional analogue gauges. It will feature horizontal screens in a good pair in the final car. It is actually same with the new S-Class. CLE is definitely should work together with the latest E-Class saloon to share some interior components. It can give a diverse range of color choices and trim to buyers.

The engines of the new Mercedes CLS

Many people expect that facelifted S-Class and a selection of whole new engines should feature in the new Mercedes CLS. The diesel of this car can be powered by around 3 –liter. The engine is available in either 240hp or 286hp guise with an offer of 469hp V8 models of petrol. To make it more efficient, the model is predicted to be completed with a new inline of six petrol plug in hybrid model that will be able to make you travel more than 30 miles if you use the electric-only mode.

The price and release date of new Mercedes CLS

You need approximately £50,000 in order to buy new Mercedes CLS 2018. You will need almost £90,000 if you wish to get the top car of this model. This car will be launched around the mid of 2018 or maybe in late 2017. We are certain that more and more people cannot wait to see it launched for public regardless this car meets their expectations.

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