New Grand Cherokee 2018 Price, Release Date, Design, Specs


New Grand Cherokee 2018 Price, Release Date, Design, Specs - In less than a year, new highly anticipated Jeep car will be out and coming in the market worldwide, the New Grand Cherokee 2018. This car will definitely represent the active lifestyle especially with its cool and enhanced exterior features. It is easy to imagine how this car will satisfy the hungry enthusiasts for powerful cars with fierce appearance.

New Grand Cherokee 2018 Price, Release Date, Design, Specs

New Grand Cherokee 2018 Price, Release Date, Design, Specs

In fact, the car has already listed in Hellcat Hall of Fame thanks to its gorgeous look and performance. Of course, it also comes with powerful engine just as you expect.

Unique and Fierce Exterior

Just like most Jeep models and series, this New Grand Cherokee that will soon be out in sale in 2018 offer unique yet fierce exterior. The details are amazing such as the side sill cladding, the dual extractor vents for the hood and the body colored wheel flares. Other details also include the exclusive exterior color options. However, Jeep has decided to delete the foglights simply to enhance both the intake and the cooling. And, the car will also have one inch lower ride height compared to the non-SRT models.

Under the Hood

How cool and powerful is the engine? Let’s take a look. Indeed, the new Grand Cherokee has similar engine as the Charger Hellcats and Challenger. So, you can definitely expect a powerful performance. The engine itself has 11.6 psi of boost pressure and 30.000 liters/minute for its max air flow rate in order to peak in 1.600 psi cylinder pressure. But there is one difference from this engine. It comes with slightly greater oil capacity which is 7.0 quarts. This smaller capacity is chosen to help the engine coping with the significant duty cycle of the Jeep. And, it also produces the power to tow up to 7.200 pounds thanks to its all four wheels.

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As for the transmission, it will use the 8-speed Torquelite transmission to share the gear Hellcat’s ratios to enable the car to handle the AWD towing duty. And, you will notice the paddle shifters. Its transmission is also capable to bolt up to single speed transfer case of Quadra Trac MP 3016C. As a result, it can produce 60/40 percent of rear torque split for trailer towing mode and 30/70 in the Track Mode.

Of course, there are also other upgrades such as the addition of electronic limited-slip out back to allow shorter gearing. As for the housing, it has been redesigned with some revised version of ring and pinion tooth geometry. The torque itself flows through ultra high strength halfshafts with upgraded 8-ball outboard velocity joints. If you consider yourself as metal nerd, you will definitely love the steel as it has been modified with the vanadium, silicon, molybdenum and also more carbon.

Still under the hood, there are the biggest front brakes in the SRT/Hellcat pantheon which is chomped by six-piston Brembo calipers. The calipers are all made from cast aluminum with titanium finish and also low gloss black finish. Overall, this new upcoming car will definitely be a surprise.

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