New Audi A7 2018 Specification, Design, Release Date and Price


New Audi A7 2018 Specification, Design, Release Date and Price - Audi A7 is one of favorite cars for many people. When there is the latest version of Audi 7 will be released, they are so many people who want to know about it. The latest version of Audi A7 is new Audi A7 2018. Do you want to know more about new Audi A7 2018? You can read some information below.

New Audi A7 2018 Specifications

Specification of a car is important thing should be considered when buying a new car. How about specification of Audi A7 2018? Actually, new Audi A7 2018 has good specifications. Although you may find some similarities with the current version, but there are some new specification of A7 2018.

New Audi A7 2018 Specification, Design, Release Date and Price

New Audi A7 2018 Specification, Design, Release Date and Price

For example is new alloy wheel that will be used. Not only that, new exterior colors also available to make you easy to choose your desired car color.

The added exterior colors are Gotland Green, Matador Red, and Java Brown. With various color choices, we can choose Audi A7 2018 based on our favorite color. Not only available with various colors, Audi A7 2018 also powered by sophisticated engine, which is 3.0-liter V-6 engine that makes 33 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. With this engine, Audi A7 2018 will give best performance.

New Audi A7 2018 also has top speed. It is able to hit 0-60 mph in just 5.2 second. It means you can arrive at your destination as soon as possible. Not only that, safety features also inserted to Audi A7 2018. Some safety features of Audi A7 2018 are airbags, knee airbags, front passenger detection, sideguard head curtain airbag, power locking system, brake assist, belt reminder, and many more. With various safety features, you will feel calm and comfortable when driving because you will be protected by safety features.

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New Audi A7 2018 Design

Not only have good specification, Audi A7 2018 comes with good and high quality interior design. Although the interior design has similarities with the current version, but Audi A7 2018 has some updated interior design elements. With aluminum ellipse silver natural agate gray color, the interior design will look more stylish and elegant. There are also new technologies inserted in this car, such as Apple Car Play and Android Auto. We can conclude that updated features in new Audi A7 2018 make the car more useful and elegant. Whenever we want to drive this car, we will feel so confident and comfortable.

New Audi A7 2018 Release Date and Price

From some explanation above, have you decided to buy new Audi A7 2018 as soon as possible? If so, you have to wait for released date of this car. Audi A7 2018 will be released at the end of 2017. So, you can prepare your budget first before buying this car. You can prepare $79,900-$82,900 to buy Audi A7 2018. Finally, you can have new Audi A7 2018 that is ready to make you satisfied because it completed with useful features and specifications.

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