New Audi A6 2018 Design, Specification, Price and Release Date


New Audi A6 2018 Design, Specification, Price and Release Date — New Audi A6 2018 has a new styling based on the concept of prologue. This model becomes lighter than the A6 that has been offered in the market. The next generation has a powerful Audi Virtual Cockpit system. This sedan is already visible on the highway to be tested before it is sold in the market. This car has two tough competitors. Competitors are BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class. This is the view of the concept and design that is in this car. Perhaps this sedan has a more spacious cabin than the old type.

New Audi A6 2018 Design, Specification, Price and Release Date

New Audi A6 2018 Design, Specification, Price and Release Date


Audi expects that this sedan will have a different model with other types. Audi uses a prologue concept that looks pretty for a sedan. You can see a prototype picture of this car. This sedan will look beautiful with a hexagonal grille. The grille has a wide shape and is equipped with LED lights for daylight. The corner light will illuminate your view at night. The back of the model will not appear but you can still see the effect of the prolog concept applied to the car. This sedan uses a beautiful silhouette and the cabin will be great. The new interior of this car has featured a great design. This car uses a wide dashboard with minimal buttons so that this system will not interfere with the interior appearance of this car. The button uses a large digital display that will replace the old model. The new platform will come with a long wheel. The platform will also use a small overhang so it can create a large cabin space. Passengers will not feel pain while in this car. This sedan provides many legs and headroom for passengers who sit in the back seat. This stylish car will soon surprise the dealer and use the latest body of prologue concept.

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This sedan becomes more efficient than the old sedan. This is due to the Evo MLB chassis that has been used for the A8 and A7. The platform consists of carbon fiber so it can replace heavy steel to make car weight to be light. The weight is 1,535 kg. You can meet your needs because this car uses a diesel engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters. If you want another machine, maybe you should start collecting money to buy an S6 equipped with a V8 engine and a 4.0-liter capacity. Audi will tease you with the fast model and the latest twin turbo engine. This engine will become a mainstay of Audi to improve the speed on the highway and urban.

Price and Release Date

The authorized dealer will start selling this car in 2019. This beginner-level sedan requires £ 34,000. The top specification model will be close to £ 60,000. This Sedan is a car that Audi proud after seeing the sales of A6 has increased. The company continues to look forward to customizing the user's wishes by offering the best car. This company does not need to do a big and expensive process to remodel a car. A little reshuffle has been able to produce a new car with a higher price than the previous type. A slight innovation reshuffle will provide a high value for a car. You can prepare your fund to get New Audi A6 2018.

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