Mercedes G Class 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design


Mercedes G Class 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design – After being waited for so long, the version of Mercedes Benz G is actually introduced. When looking this car at a glance, you might not be able to recognize it since the classic look has been updated. The newer quality can be found beneath its skin so that it is stronger to face all of its competitors in the market. Similar with its previous model, the successor also comes with vertical windshield and door. Besides, the top machine also will power this car six and eight cylinder engines which might be paired with V-12. Not only offer new exterior look, the interior also gets a touch of contemporary look which make it more interesting.

Mercedes G Class 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Mercedes G Class 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Mercedes G Class 2018 Exterior

The outer look of the new model of Mercedes G Class is something which makes it cooler to see. Even though this model still adopt some previous model such as its windshield, door glass, tailgate, and mounted spare but the new quality also can be spotted. What make this car look different from its predecessor is actually because it comes with bigger body. The length and height of the car is similar but it expands by four inches on its width. The design of this model also looks more aerodynamics than its predecessor and it cannot be separated from cleaner underbody as well as better details.

Mercedes G Class 2018 Interior

Move to the inside part of the car, it also gets some new touches so that it offers fresh look to whomever stay in it.  Mercedes has made the interior of this car to look more cohesive and the contemporary look on its cabin is pretty strong. Hence, you will feel the combination and luxury quality in the same time. This model comes with interior appearance which seems to be collected from a number of parts bins taken from the past decades. That’s why when we stay on its cabin, you might feel have been used it but now with newer experience and atmosphere.

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Mercedes G Class 2018 Engine and Performance

Not only offer new look, the performance of the car is also improved. The powertrain of the car will be offered with some versions. The core models which happen to be G550 and AMG G63 will come in two versions of twin-turbocharged engine 4.0 liter V-8. Meanwhile, the Europe model will be added with six-cylinder diesel option. It is still unknown yet whether the US model will also get new option of powertrain or not. There is also a possibility if the new G Class will use twin-turbocharged V-12. The power produced by the engine will be moved using nine-speed automatic transmission onto its all wheels and it also might still adopt seven-speed gearbox used nowadays.

Mercedes G Class 2018 Price and Release Date

The 2018 Mercedes G Class is expected to be launched in late 2017 and will likely to be available in the showrooms in the beginning of 2018. Its price hopes to be not significantly different from the current model and it might begin around $120,000 for G550 model. Just look for the new information of Mercedes G Class 2018 to keep stick with the official price when it will be launched later.

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