Mercedes Clase A 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design


Mercedes Clase A 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design - Mercedes Clase A 2018 will be hot topic to discuss. This is another well type of Mercedes gave satisfying quality for this past 20 years. On the next project in 2018, this type will be a sedan that is having the ability to cross overseas.

Mercedes Clase A 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Mercedes Clase A 2018 Price, Release Dates, Specs, and Design

Mercedes A Class 2018 Release Dates and Price

Started from the beginning of 2018, Mercedes will launch the next generation of Mercedes A Class, to be more precise it is the W177. Many consumers love A Class model. This fact is being the reason why Mercedes increase the variety number of the new A Class family in the market. The price predicted to be affordable and in line with the well quality offered from Mercedes A Class family. The company also claims that the sedan version could grab Chinese market attention as well. There will also come the offering of GLB, the brother of GLA, in various 7 outstanding places. It also believed as the competitor of BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

Mercedes A Class 2018 Specs

All models from A Class family built based on the MFA 2, the second invention of Mercedes platform. The hard working team hopes that this way would help the reduction the weight for about 50kg. In result, the development will achieves such a stiffer body. The new coming of this class family will also make a slight different on the wheelbase. It will grow for about 2 centimeters wide that could bring benefits for the passenger. The touch or remake also goes for the rear that makes it more comfortable.

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The renewed properties went to the engines as well. It will preserve the use of smaller diesel engines with more powerful version of 2 liters diesel, the same one launched in E Class by means of 150 and 194 HP. The previous A45 AMG should leave since 2 liters of four cylinders engine will replace it. This new engine has 408 HP. Moreover, it combines well with the wheel drive as well as the upcoming of newest nine speed automatic gearbox. This new feature is coming to replace the earlier seven speed gearbox supported by double clutch system. For the first time, there will be 48 volt of network available as well in a compact model. Other brilliant plant from Mercedes also includes the version of Plug-In Hybrid featured by electric range that is having the ability to go through 100 km.

Mercedes A Class 2018 Design

One of many layouts that changed is the dashboard. It developed well that it would not bring the look of aftermarket product ever again. It will also catch the consumer's’ eyes by providing chrome frame which operation is through classic controller. Surely, the feel of various digital instruments will fill Mercedes A Class. However, up until this moment we could not confirm the disappearance of the analogue instrument from the current basic version yet. We hope that all information about Mercedes Clase A 2018 explained above will satisfy your hunger of information regarding the project of renewing the Mercedes Class A family.

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