2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class New Features, engine, exterior, Release Date and Price

2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class New Features, engine, exterior, Release Date and Price - Good news for car enthusiasts around the world, flagship Mercedes sedan S-class. The newest features that this car offers are close to autonomous driving. As usual, Mercedes will bring a sedan with several choices of models and variants.

Mercedes Benz S-Class New Features, engine, exterior, Release Date and Price

Mercedes Benz S-Class New Features, engine, exterior, Release Date and Price

The New Features

To fulfil customers’ satisfaction, car manufacture will add some new features such as Cross Traffic function in Active Brake Assist, Blind Spot Assist system, Car to X Communication, Lane Keeping Assist,  and also Pre Safe Plus. This safety features are also added to give safety for the driver especially when there is a collision at the side of the car, this feature will move the driver to the center by using big bubble as far as 6.985 centimeters. This feature is namely Pre Safe Impulse. Last but not least, another safety feature is Pre Safe Sound that can decrease the disturbance and prevent the driver hearing when there is an accident.

2018 S-Class Engine

2018 Mercedes Benz S-Class engine is divided into some versions. 2018 Mercedes Benz s450 as well as s450 4matic will use the twin turbo v6 engine that can produce speed up to 362 horse power with a 3.0-liter, while the other versions are 2018 Mercedes Benz s560 as well as s560 4matic will be given the power of a twin turbo that can generate more powerful speed up to 463 horse power with 4.0-liter of turbo. 9G Tronic styled automatic transmission will be embedded in both engine version.

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The additional feature in engine of the S-Class lineup will get a revised exterior appearance with soft, with the front fascia get a very large boost halved by horizontal fins. It would be the easiest way to tell the model in 2018 in addition to brothers their pre-facelift, even though a revised rear bumper with larger exhaust pipes coupled by a chrome strip will be another reminder.

2018 S-Class Exterior

2018 Mercedes Benz changes will not be limited to the exterior. Mercedes has developed the autonomous driving technology since the failure in S-Class in 2013. The newer model will get a driver assistance system of semi-autonomous Drive which made its debut in the E-Class; In addition to offering Level 2 autonomous driving, this will allow the driver to change the track by flicking the stalk bends. Widescreen monitors with Double-pane will go to the dashboard comprehensive, unified under a single glass display that is lookalike to the E-Class, with a classic display mode, sport as well as progressive. Motorists that can be used to control the screen together with a voice command, touch the touch plus swipe motions such as a smartphone, or through the center of the console touchpad.

2018 Mercedes S65 AMG add Magic Body Control and function curved AMG Sport Suspension and 20-inch wheels exclusively. AMG optional features including a choice of 20-inch wheels, the AMG Performance Studio selection (AMG Night package, the package Carbon Fiber, and others), as well as breaking system in AMG Ceramic Composite system.

2018 S-Class Release Date and Price

Unfortunately, the fans should be patient to wait for the date release because 2018 Mercedes S-Class price will be revealed in the late 0f 2017 in U.S.

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