Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Prices, Release Date, Specs, and Design


Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Prices, Release Date, Specs, and Design – The Mercedes Benz GLE becomes hot topic after it has been caught while being tested lately. Even though its body is still hidden under the camouflage cover, but its curves indicates that the car get some revisions on the exterior and interior. The appearance of this new model is such a surprise because it is known to be just two years after Mercedes change the big name. The spy shots of Mercedes GLE new model is more interesting to look for even though the GLE class next generation model has made its first debut in 2016 previously.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Prices, Release Date, Specs, and Design

Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Prices, Release Date, Specs, and Design

Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Exterior

Despite the fact that the car is covered by camouflage and padding, some hints are spotted to indicate how its exterior looks like. The great length of its front part seems to be reduced. The padding which placed on the front part also indicates the change on the hood line with its nose which seems taller than before. The hood that on the previous model is identical with sharp line also apparently moves outward due to the padding place on the sides of the hood. The significant change on the exterior is actually the fascia. There are cutouts on the camo looks will be higher than the current model. The improvement on the size also can be spotted when looking to the air dam. The new design also might be shown by the headlights as well.

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Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Interior

The interior look of Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 is expected to be looked like the one found in 2017 E-Class. One of the spy shots spread on the internet shows that the dash of the car comes with small overhang placed on the top of instrument cluster and centre stack. Even though this has a possibility of reflection but it is quite sure that the cabin is similar to E-class and S-class. Besides new instrument cluster, this model is also expected to have an elevated center console. The new quality that you might find on this car is wider infotainment display in the dashboard which is combined with circular HVAC vents on the dash’s face.

Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Engine and Performance

As the interior is still lack of information, the powertrain seems to be unveiled now. There is still no information whether the new Mercedes GLE will use the current trends in the market or will be also available in with gasoline and diesel options of powertrain. Not to mention the plug-in hybrid option for those who more need of electrification while driving the car. However, Mercedes might develop several all-new engines for the GLE because it brings all new generation on its name. There is also a possibility using the same engines from the current model but being added with small updates in order to improve its performance as well as fuel economy. The most important thing is the next generation of GLE will surely come with proper amount of power and towing capacity.

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Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 Price and Release Date

The Mercedes Benz GLE 2018 is expected to arrive in 2018 or early 2019. The price of this car also apparently not really changes too much from the current model. If the price is higher, perhaps the increase is lower than $1,000 so that it does not only badly different with the GLE lineup now. Hence, with the estimation of the price you should not be worried to spend additional price when you want to feel the new experience of driving with Mercedes Benz GLE 2018.

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